Friday, February 3, 2012

Obama's Rats and Child Cruelty

Death, rape, drug overdoses, lice, and other public safety and health emergencies shut down "Occupy" encampments all over the country. Yet in Washington, the Obama administration (which controls the federal land seized by the DC Occupiers) continues to be unmoved -- and so are the residents of the Occupy shantytowns at McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza.

Will child cruelty and rat infestation change that?

Obama's Rats and Child Cruelty
By Asher Embry

To that "Occupy" father, we just have to vent:
Did Alinsky instruct you to leave in your tent
Your infant alone in the cold and the rain
To be gnawed on by rats? Are you *bleeping* insane!

To Obama: It's time that you shut these sites down;
We have suffered enough from this blight on our town.

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