Friday, February 3, 2012

My New Obama Mortgage

President Obama just announced yet another homeowner bailout. He insists his "simple" plan – which puts taxpayers on the hook for banks which are forced to lend more money than a house is worth – poses no risk to the rest of us. Wasn't this exactly the type of reckless and unjustified expansion of government – in effect, forcing us all to take on second mortgages to pay for our neighbors' homes – which kindled the Tea Party movement in the first place?

My New Obama Mortgage
By Asher Embry

So yet again I'm asked to pay my neighbor's mortgage bill.
The reflex creeping up my leg feels nothing like a thrill.
O says it's really simple; since the banks, he'll make them pay.
But me, I've seen that farce before; it costs me either way.

I searched the Constitution since a document so great
Surely guarantees us all a lower mortgage rate.
But no such thing; a fact confirming what we always knew:
Barack consults a different Constitution than we do.

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