Friday, December 9, 2011

The Marriage of Newt and Trump

So it'll just be Newt and Rick Santorum with The Donald on December 27th. We know we shouldn't be mocking Newt; but when he pairs himself up with Trump, the rhyme just writes itself.

The Marriage of Newt and Trump
By Asher Embry

One by one the candidates fell, declining The Donald's call;
Romney and Perry, and Bachmann too, following Huntsman and Paul.
And though Rick Santorum's accepted, he hardly stands a chance
To muscle a word in edgewise while two mammoth egos prance.

Newt and Trump, Trump and Newt -- a marriage that's made in heaven.
(Actually, to be precise, between them it's almost seven.)
The two of them preening together, devoid of humility,
The obvious subject for Newt and Trump is: "Me, Me, Me."

But add Obama to the debate and this narcissist meeting's complete:
For thin-skinned vainglory, O is the champ - those others can't even compete!

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