Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reading Holder

Attorney General Holder told Congress he doesn't read his memos -- rather he leaves that task to his staff. Now Holder's former chief of staff, Kevin Ohlson, who seeks confirmation to the Armed Forces Court of Appeals, says he didn't read memos either.

Just what does it take to get the Obama Justice Department to read?

Reading Holder
By Asher Embry

With all those legal briefs and such
He worried that he reads too much.
It started quite a while ago.
He found that reading's much too slow.

So legal "research" starts and ends
With soft entreaties from his friends.
He did no reading, not a stitch,
Yet pushed to pardon crook Marc Rich.

I did not know -- that was his vow
To Congress then as Congress now.
My staff, not I, get in the weeds
And so I'm ignorant -- he pleads.
(Staff now admit they, too, don't read;
They choose to follow Holder's lead.)

So Eric Holder's made a stand
As highest lawyer in the land:
He'll let no memos cloud his eyes;
Too bad if Agent Terry dies.

Copyright 2011 Gaffe Czar, LLC

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