Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Barack Throws Wild

In sport, as in politics, our Dribbler-in-Chief does not want for self-confidence or self-esteem. His desire to show us his prowess as an athlete and sports analyst is matched only by his ubiquity (March Madness brackets, his halftime POTUS comeback during the Butler game, even catching a Drew Brees pass in a Super Bowl public service announcement). As they say: “Sports is a metaphor...”

Barack Throws Wild
By Asher Embry

Our First Fan’s always shown support
For anything involving sport.
At each big sports event this year
Barack would Zelig-like appear.

So, no surprise, he had an itch
To throw the Nationals’ first pitch.
And so this afternoon we found
Barack Obama on the mound.

Just like the health care law he plied,
His pitch was reckless, high and wide.

Copyright 2010
Gaffe Czar, LLC

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