Tuesday, March 30, 2010

White House Seder

In the midst of the current crisis in the US/Israel relationship, Obama and his apostles are having their pseudo-Seder at the White House. As they end the meal with the traditional saying “Next Year in Jerusalem,” we hope they reflect on the harm they cause America and Israel with their appeasement of Iran and their misdirected and false moral equivalencies in the way they treat Israel and its neighbors.

White House Seder
By Asher Embry

Through history, Jews at Seder meal
Would face their threats, severe and real,
By praying (to allay their fear)
For: In Jerusalem next year.

Obama’s picked a fight for show
To help his Arab street cred grow
And once again his action sends
The message he abuses friends.

Instead, he really should beware
Of those who wish the Jews weren’t there,
Who vow to solve the situation
With Israel’s annihilation.

As O enjoys his matzoh ball
In light of harm he’s caused us all
Does he detect the irony
With his misguided strategy?

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