Monday, March 29, 2010

Obama’s Vaunted Vetting?

To get the preferential treatment intended for disabled veterans, Obama TSA nominee Maj. Gen. Robert Harding certified that he was a “service disabled veteran” and he was awarded a $100M Army defense contract. When it was revealed that his supposed service disability was sleep apnea, his nomination was withdrawn. Obama’s bungling vetting team strikes again. Are they clueless or just incompetent?

Obama’s Vaunted Vetting?

By Asher Embry

Obama’s “vaunted” vetting crew
Has missed some problems (one or two).

The vetting team’s been very lax
About the need for income tax.
They barely cared at all, you see,
About our head of Treasury.
Though Daschle’s bid could not go far
When he “forgot” his private car.

O’s vetting staff completely missed
The ordure on Van Jones’ list;
Holdren, Killefer, Sunstein, too;
What Jennings tells our kids to do.

The worst has been the TSA
Both nominees have gone astray.
First, Erroll Southers’ snooping eyes
Were followed by his brazen lies.

The latest, Robert Harding, claimed
A service “wound” he kept unnamed
To get the favored treatment for
Our military harmed in war.
His perfidy is truly flooring -
His “injury” was nighttime snoring.

Such bald dissembling makes Bob right
To join instead O’s health care fight.

Copyright 2010
Gaffe Czar, LLC

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