Monday, January 11, 2010

Reid’s “Dialectic”

Is there any limit to what Obama and the disciples will forgive – or give – in the name of passing ObamaCare?

Reid’s “Dialectic”
By Asher Embry

Dim Harry says we won’t elect
A “Negro” speaking “dialect.”
Obama says he thinks it’s fine
Since Harry votes the party line.
It’s clear Barack could not object
Since 60 votes Reid did collect.

So many times that we’ve lost track
Has Harry Reid begun to crack.
There was that time he once before
Declared that we had “lost” the war.
Said: We, the people, “smell” - P.U.,
And called us “evil-mongers” too.
Said : it would “help” when Teddy died
Said: Bush - the "loser” - also lied.
Said: only those who wanted slaves
Could fail the give his health bill raves.

It surely proves how very much
These Reid-like Dems are out of touch.

Copyright 2010
Gaffe Czar, LLC

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