Friday, January 29, 2010

Global Warming Jihad

According to the AP, Osama bin Laden warns of the dangers of global warming on a tape released on Al-Jazeera, and says the way to stop it is to bring the wheels of the American economy to a halt.

Global Warming Jihad

By Asher Embry

For those on the “global warming” fronts
It’s been a string of lousy months.
Climategate, Copenhagen, frigid cold
Have put their climate scam on hold.

They’ll take support wherever they can,
Even from remote Waziristan.
And it looks like they may have turned the tide -
Now they’ve got bin Laden on their side.

Copyright 2010 Gaffe Czar, LLC

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Mr. Xyz said...

This spoof of climate science may be of interest: