Wednesday, April 29, 2009

“A Bright, Sunny, Safe Day in April 2009”

Earlier in April, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair, contextualizing interrogation procedures detailed in the Bush-era Justice Department memos President Obama released, said: “Those methods, read on a bright, sunny, safe day in April 2009, appear graphic and disturbing.” President Obama added: “We have been through a dark and painful chapter in our history.”

“A Bright, Sunny, Safe Day in April 2009”
By Asher Embry

Air Force One buzzed New York causing fear along the way,
Stirring haunting memories of that dark September day.
A picture says a thousand words and this one says a lot.
It seems for many, like Barack, a lesson’s been forgot.

Have we regressed to world-views held before al-Qaeda struck?
What else explains these actions of a White House gone amuck?
Releasing secret memos, giving tactics public airings,
Apologizing constantly for losing moral bearings.

“Torture” didn’t cause this history “O” calls “dark and painful.”
Jihadists’ hatred wrote this plot, with actions base and baneful.
And who could think the terror war is done and now we’re safe?
If “O” sees only “sunny” days, he really is a naïf.

There’s no one who recalls that day who’d ever send that plane.
By failing to remember, it could happen once again.
The reason why this photo-op still causes us to fuss;
We may stop fighting terrorists, but they’re still fighting us.

Copyright 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Pernicious Pork

In a rare Sunday White House press briefing, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano spoke about emergency steps (including "passive" border protocols) being taken to address the threat of swine flu coming from Mexico. On Wednesday, President Obama plans to hold a prime-time news conference to celebrate his first 100 days in office.

More Pernicious Pork
By Asher Embry

This latest threat from Mexico,
Just couldn’t be ignored by “O”.
But don’t disturb his golfing game,
So Homeland’s problem this became.

Out strode his Sec. of DHS,
To detail how she’d solve this mess.
The chance, she thought with jubilation,
To mend her ragged reputation.
She’s hoping pig flu won’t foment,
A “Brownie”-esque embarrassment.

Napolitano made a vow:
She’ll watch our borders closer now.
Guns and drugs may still deceive her;
Just don’t exhibit signs of fever.

With thoughts of Wednesday’s coming speech,
Did these announcements overreach?
Did Rahm mean this when he said: Seize,
Don’t waste, these opportunities.

The lesson “O” must surely see.
No longer can he disagree.
It may have taken Doctors’ orders,
To finally protect our borders.

Copyright 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Napolitano: Obama’s New Gaffe Czar

Canada’s National Post asked in a recent editorial: "Can someone please tell us how U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano got her job?" Napolitano had equated the threat at our Canadian border with the threat at our Mexican border because (she wrongly claimed) 9/11 terrorists had come through Canada.

Napolitano: Obama’s New Gaffe Czar
By Asher Embry

O, Canada! It’s earned a reputation for aplomb,
But what Napolitano did sent billows through its calm.

She said she’d treat our borders – north and south - about the same;
For border threats we face, both neighbors share an equal blame.
Though Mexico has kidnaps, murder, violence and drugs;
Canada, she wrongly claimed, let through al-Qaeda thugs.

It’s sadly not the first time that her comments were bizarre.
She may in fact unseat Joe Biden as our new gaffe czar.
She said: illicit border crossing’s “not a crime per se.”
So why do we keep calling them “illegals” anyway?

And since her diatribe about conservatives and vets,
A wave of disbelief that she’s the best our safety gets.
With our homeland security at stake, nobody laughs,
When “woman-caused” disasters keep resulting from her gaffes.

Copyright 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obama’s Costco Cabinet

“You may fool some of the people all of the time, you may even fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”
- folk wisdom attributed to Obama hero Abraham Lincoln

Obama’s Costco Cabinet
By Asher Embry

Obama’s “Team of Rivals” finally met.
Of course less four or five who didn’t vet.
As always with Obama, cameras rolled,
And captured the assignment they were told.

It wasn’t stopping nuclear Iran.
Or working to support the Pentagon.
Instead, bulk-buying Post-its was their charge.
And: Online visa programs should enlarge.

They’re told to cut $100 mil. in waste;
A pittance with the deficits they faced.
This posturing of saving’s just for show;
A Trillion more in costs will have to go.

With budgets of $4 Trillion, it’s a joke,
Which an every-day example may evoke:
If you’re purchasing a brand new Ford Explorer,
It’s a discount of twelve Nickels and a Quarter.

Remember how Dems sneered two months before?
Chuck Schumer said it on the Senate floor:
Billions were “yes - porky” but were “tiny;”
Those of us objecting were just “whine-y.”
So now Gibbs says $100 mil.’s a lot,
When earmarks 80 times that much was not?

With empty gestures, “O” may some beguile.
But Honest Abe knew: Only for a while.

Copyright 2009

Hugo’s Book Club

Sometimes a gift is not a gift:

Hugo’s Book Club
By Asher Embry

Not even Oprah can compete,
With Hugo’s latest PR feat.
The Venezuelan used our Prez,
And pulled a classic “Stunt Chavez.”

Not since he duped Joe Kennedy,
To give away his oil for “free”,
Has there been such a promo coup,
(The use of “coup” I shouldn’t do).

To get attention for his stunt,
He chose Obama to confront.
Then gave a book reviling us,
To justify his animus.

At Amazon, it climbs the charts,
Up almost to the top it darts.
It came so close but didn’t win,
Let’s give three cheers for Mark Levin.

Still Chavez dominates the news,
To propagate his lefty views.
While yet again Obama’s “charm”,
This enmity did not disarm.

So did Barack a lesson learn?
Apologies on us can turn.
A thug like Chavez only hears,
The worst when using hate-filled ears.

Copyright 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Short Shakes

We saw President Obama shake hands with a lot of short people in Mexico (President Felipe Calderon who certainly is as short as, if not shorter than, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia) and at the Summit of the Americas. Not once did we see the bow-like, waist-high bend of the patented Obama short-person handshake. Odd, isn't it?
And, of course, verse-inspiring:

Short Shakes
By Asher Embry

We saw Obama bow before the King with our own eyes.
The White House gave a lame excuse which clearly no one buys.
The essence, after several tries; their laughable retort:
Obama had to do it ‘cause Abdullah was so short.

And so we watched quite carefully Barack in Mexico.
We studied with precision just how low his head would go.
Felipe Calderon is really brave but hardly tall.
Obama met el Presidente with no bow at all.

In Trinidad all weekend long the same result held true.
With scads of compact leaders, not a bow appeared in view.
(By that we mean the bow itself, specifically that act;
Of course, verbal prostrations, Barack’s speeches never lacked.)

He’s caught up in this silly lie, he now must disavow.
The lesson learned from Nixon: it’s the cover-up, not the bow.

Copyright 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

America’s #1 Critic

We can see what his European adventure did for Barack; but what did it do for the rest of us Americans?

America’s #1 Critic
By Asher Embry

Our fiercest critic has emerged,
And US-bashing has resurged.
For eight long days it barely ceased,
From London to the Middle East.

It wasn’t Chavez, Ayers or Penn,
No vile Swat Valley denizen.
Who blamed us for the things we’ve done?
A hint: he flies on Air Force One.

So why did our dear President,
Malign each US resident?
Why supplicate on bended knee?
To join the “World Community!”

Our arrogance deserves rebuke.
Apologies, we used our nuke.
With Islam we are not at war.
We failed by not electing Gore.

On streets in Strasbourg throngs did flip.
His European ego trip.
For him they’re quick to swoon and yelp,
But still rebuff our calls for help.

America, he's keen to blame,
Yet Europe still behaves the same.
It’s clear those really are his views,
As learned in Jeremiah’s pews.

Copyright 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Obama’s European Plan B

What a triumphant European trip! A complete success... er, except on substance. (In the end, the President didn't push other G-20 countries to follow his lead on stimulus spending to strengthen their countries' economies and didn't ask NATO allies to send more combat troops to Afghanistan. In both instances, he had failed to persuade the other leaders of his positions.)

Obama’s European Plan B
By Asher Embry

Obama ran for President to mend our reputation.
He claimed that Bush’s stubbornness had caused our isolation;
So allies sent few soldiers to Afghanistan to fight.
As President, Barack’s calm words would set that error right.

Our economic fix would come from Stimulus, he’d say.
He passed his Bill and now we’re told recovery’s on the way.
He’d heal the world’s economy if Europe followed too,
But they made clear, more spending, they were not prepared to do.

All the leaders were assembled; perfect timing to commune.
His chance for world accord would never be so opportune.
He’d promised we’d be back in charge; they’d heed his beck and call.
Then why on troops and Stimulus was nothing said at all?

It seems his plans for unity, he simply couldn’t sell.
His European Backup Plan was this: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Copyright 2009