Monday, November 30, 2009

“Obama/Biden 2012: Hide the Decline”

As he searches for a slogan for Obama/Biden 2012, David Axelrod knows Obama can’t reuse President Reagan’s “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Now that Climategate’s Phil Jones’ expression “hide the decline” permanently has entered the political lexicon, may we offer Axelrod a suggestion?

“Obama/Biden 2012: Hide the Decline”
By Asher Embry

We’ve got ourselves a Prez who’s in a permanent campaign.
Each day’s events designed by Ax to help “O” run again.

Yet unemployment’s on the rise and terror’s gotten worse.
Instead of watching spending, he’s just opened up the purse.
The world has seen him dither and apologize and bow
Resulting in the worldwide view our country’s weaker now.
Transparency’s elusive and post-partisan he’s not.
With made-up jobs and health care claims his honesty is shot.
He’s “calling out” his enemies, vindictiveness abounds.
And any sari’d blonde, it seems, can crash the White House grounds.

No way that voters feel that we are better off with “O.”
So Ax knows Reagan’s question will be answered with a “no!”
What can he do? What novel tricks can Ax this time arrange?
Get Shepard Fairey painting “Hope” and talk again of “Change?”

Obama needs a slogan. Thanks to Phil Jones, I’ve got mine.
It’s this: “Obama/Biden 2012: Hide the Decline”

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